The Plan

Transforming Vision Into Reality

Stage 1:  Connecting with the Vision [Gratitude for Him and for each other.]

  • A change of focus
    • From Self-Centered to Christ-Centered
  • Justification
    • Only God is good
    • Salvation is a gift, not a reward.
  • Attitude of Gratitude
    • The proper response to His grace is unbridled gratitude.

Stage 2: Inward Growth [Growing in His Giving Nature]

  • Identity
    • Secure in our personal identity in Christ.
    • Secure in our church identity thru the vision.
  • Sanctification
    • Led by the Spirit into His Grace & His Truth.
    • Obedience is neither required nor optional-obedience is essential.  It flows from the essence of our new nature.
  • Personal Growth
    • Transcending the human limits of justice as we move beyond the benefits of grace into His sacrificial grace and participate in His divine giving nature.

Stage 3:  Outward Growth [His love freely given to all who come]

  • Acceptance
    • Willing to allow Him to transform those who come into His likeness rather than trying to conform them to our likeness.
  • Common Aspiration
    • To give our best to the One who gave His all for us.
    • In Him, we find eternal meaning and divine purpose.
  • Joy
    • As we give His love to others, He fills us with the joy of His presence.  In Him, we are complete.