The Advantage

The Advantage

Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else In Business?

By Patrick Lencioni


Everyone wants an advantage.  In today’s world it has been clearly emphasized that those with strong immune systems and healthy bodies are less severely affected by the corona virus complications known as COVID-19.  Healthy people have a strong advantage over those suffering from illness or weakened immune systems.  Today, I listened to a story of a young snow skier, approximately 20 years old, who was struggling violently from COVID-19.  He was athletic and appeared physically fit.  However, it had more to do with his youth than his health.  In the course of attempting to determine why he was so much more dramatically affected by COVID-19 than others in his age group it was discovered he was both a smoker and a vaporer.  His lungs and heart were very unhealthy compared to others in his age group.


Could the same apply in organizational health, in administration and leadership?  Patrick Lencioni things so and sets for a great work in his book The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else In Business.


READINGraphics does an excellent job of summarizing his book.  You can view their summary at the link below their icon.


I hope you will read this book.  It will positively impact you, your ministry, your leadership and administration, and the organization with which you are engaged.


Blessings and peace.

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