Never Give Up!

Never Give Up!

Hi, Friends.

Writing this post finds me wonderfully exhausted. It makes me glad to be exhausted for a proper purpose. Today, being the heaviest volume day of the month, the Bread of Life, a TEFAP Food Pantry where I serve as chairman of the board, served 172 households with about 10,000 pounds of dry goods, frozen, and fresh produce, and it is only the 7th of the month. Our volunteers worked tirelessly to serve the flow of traffic in the street. It might be a more accurate statement to say they worked diligently regardless of whether they became tired. They never gave up, and even stayed an hour past closing time as late comers arrived while cleaning and closing the facility, until every client had been served.

This morning I awoke after 3:00 AM wide awake, as though the Lord had a message for me. That happens sometimes, more regularly now than before, thankfully. In prayer I asked, “What is it you want me to hear, Lord?” The answer did not come immediately. But by 7:30 while getting ready for the day’s activity, it occurred to me, tomorrow’s blog post should be about never giving up. It came with texts and everything. I was really looking forward to writing it. But after multiple meetings besides the Food Pantry distribution, I have decided to share something with you produced by someone else. Pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire within you God’s message for you about “Never Give Up.”

But you will have to do some work to read what I have for you today. Please click the link below for 15 inspiring quotes to “Never Give Up.”

Some of these quotes will surely find their way into messages you share with others, whether family, church, community, or friend.

Blessings and peace, dear friends.
I am going to let the Lord rest and restore my body.

Principle: Do not forsake rest. You are designed so a third of your life should be spent in rest, and that is for your physical body. Your spiritual body should continually be in rest with Jesus Christ being our rest, our Sabbath. Schedule your rest and rest, seriously.

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